Dennis Mc Keen

The US godparents' choice of the statue by the Family Mc Keen was easy.

The choice of the family Mc Keen was easy: on May 2nd 2006, Robert Remacle and his wife, Gisele Pecheur, asked to be the godparents of a U.S. soldier killed in the perimeter of Bastogne.
Mr. Hoocker and Mr. Joris from the American Cemetery in Neupre entrusted them with the memory of Dennis Mc Keen, a very young U.S. soldier, married and father of a little Mary-Ann who was born six weeks after the departure of her father to Europe … specifically Belgium.

When the mayor of Bastogne Philippe Collard came to see the almost finished statue, Robert Remacle asked to have a US godmother and a US godfather , but also a Belgian godmother and a Belgian godfather. Robert suggested, as American godmother, the daughter of Dennis Mc Keen: Mary Ann Mc-Keen.

Dennis Mc Keen and Clara at their Marriage

This photo of Mary-Ann's father is the only one that she has. Please, contact us if you happen to have a photo of Dennis Mc Keen. Thank you very much.

Dennis Mc Keen's resume

Mary Ann Mc Keen - Daughter of Dennis
Jason Mc Keen - Son of Mary Ann
Emily Mc Keen - Wife of Jason
Cynthia Mc Keen - Daughter of Emily and Jason

His name is inscribed on the marble lining at the Memorial Cemetery of Neupre:

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