Transportation of the statue to the Mardasson Memorial area.

Location chosen for the exhibit, why this place?

After seeing the finished statue in the quarry, Philippe Collard, our deputy mayor, himself chose this very symbolic site, between the Mardasson and the Historical Center. Each person who goes to Mardasson Memorial cannot miss the statue. It requires respect and silence.

Transfer of the statue to the Mardasson on Augustus 18th, 2008

The Transfer of the statue was also a big problem: there was a risk, although at that time the eagle's beak and the GI's helmet were still together what reinforced the strength of the whole statue. (advice of Karine.Thielen).

The Army was requested and the Minister of Defence accepted the designation of the 4th Engineers of Amay to do the job. Under the direction of Warrant Officer Vincent Collard, the 4th Engineers performed a remarkable work without any hitch ... They are true professionals. The statue was carried out on a tray loader Fiat Hitachi W170. Then it had to be simply put on its base and to be sealed with cement ... a breeze ... and afterwards to be finished.


Here are some photos of the preparation and very difficult transport of the Statue on its base.
I also attached some pictures of the finishing details.