From intention to achievement


  • Robert Remacle (author of this text and sculptor of the eagle)
  • Petit Louis
  • Roby Clam
  • Roger Marquet
  • Joseph Gélard
  • Patrick Udekem Acoz
  • Jean-Claude Cremer (on behalf of the Municipality of Bastogne)

In their view, an emblem of the 101st Airborne Division was missing in Bastogne.

Projects : Robert designed 23 projects of sculpture (pictures below).

Chosen project and why: The « Eagle Monument » was directly chosen by American tourists (in Mexico) when Robert asked them: « As Americans, which project do you prefer? ».

Then Robert told it his friends and they chose the « Eagle Monument » unanimously too.

The symbolism of the sculpture

An eagle : « The eagle screaming » is the emblem of the 101st Airborne.

The turned-up wings : to remember the Peace-Dove (Peace that the honored units have helped to restore).

The turned upside down U.S helmet : it symbolizes the blood spilled by the wounded , killed or missing soldiers (it is also found on all the posters of the 40th anniversary).

The head of the eagle : It is facing the helmet, as if the eagle wanted to protect the soldiers of the 101st and rescue them, but also to show its compassion for the killed, wounded or missing GI's.

The eagle : In its mass (in the wings, head and legs of the eagle) ,in order to demonstrate the strength, power and tenacity of the 101st Airborne.

Sculptor ... volunteer ...

Robert Remacle, a retired bank employee and self-taught person, asked his wife if she agreed that he tried to make this sculpture. He knew that it would take much time!

She accepted immediately, in honor of the GI's. And for over one year, from August 28th, 2007, he patiently devoted his days to sculpt this statue which met with universal approval of a lot of admirers.

Here are some most significant projects among the 23 presented: