The sculpture

The sculpture at the quarry « carrière sur les roches » formerly « The quarry Gustave Delperdange »

Robert Remacle explains the steps in the work of sculpture

Choice of the stone: I chose the stone myself at the bottom of the quarry. I chose it mainly according to the final outcome that I wanted to reach.

The stone is one of the hardest that can be found just below precious stones. See the « Los Angeles. » ranking.

Structure of the stone: see the report of Mr. Joseph Grogna, geologist.

Location of the work: under a small arbor behind the quarry laboratory , I preferred to be out of sight, it is quieter and less disruptive. See explanation about the quarry.

Tools used for trimming: I started with my big grinder ... but to prevent overheating of the equipment I borrowed a second grinder. I also asked to have other small grinders ... I had to polish up with small reamers (to make the eyes, tongue, claws, etc..)


  • a. First problem: I sculpted turned-up wings to symbolize the Peace Dove, I started with the front wing. But the head of the eagle had to be at an appropriate level. I groped around and I had to lower its place five times.
  • b. Second difficulty, and not the least, find the angle to start to sculpt the neck. On the one hand, I wanted to avoid « breaking » the neck, but on the other hand, both shoulders had to appear.
  • c. Third challenge: adjust the amplitude of the head ... I shortened it three times ... I admit that I am an amateur sculptor ...
  • d. Fourth problem, by far the most difficult: the explosion of dynamite in the rock had caused numerous cracks.

Final appearance: very many people find that the statue is very well proportioned and very representative.

Weight: initially, the stone weighed about 1800 kg; at the exit of the quarry the statue weighed exactly 1050 kg. Completed, it weighs more or less 1000 kg.

Here is a series of photos taking up the evolution of the sculpture.